Travel and Exercise


It’s 11pm and I’ve been unpacking boxes all day.  I can feel that my body is tired, but I am still compelled to work out.  Is it because I am a work out freak?  Nope.  It’s because my body knows the difference between being fatigued from”doing something manual”, and exercising for my own health.  I don’t know how it knows, but it knows.

Anyway, I still have a lot of social marketing work to complete for clients tonight and uhg… it feels too late to exercise.  Plus, I’ve been traveling and I’m out of my rhythm.  You know how it is…

But, then again… I was tired yesterday and I went for a good run anyway.  And it totally made me feel better.  It even gave me energy to go out last night.  Not only that, but as I was getting dressed to go out, I decided that I felt 13% prettier than before I exercised.

Dude.  13%?  That’s a good feelin’.

And that’s just it.  If exercise makes me feel better and prettier, I gotta figure out a way to work it into my travels, right?  ‘Cause when I’m out there exploring, I want to be my best.  I want to feel my best.  I want to be up for any physical challenges… tackle bears, climb mountains and whatnot.

So, I’ll just have to be disciplined and make it happen. 5-6 days a week for at least 20 minutes.  No matter what country, language or climate.

Therefore, in that vein, I’d like to share with you a great YouTube workout video from my favorite coach Jillian Michaels.  It’s only 20 minutes, but she’ll kick your butt if you “show up”.  It’s online; it’s free- no excuses.

I’ll do yoga instead tonight though.  I think the breathing will do me good.  Chill me out.  I just couldn’t find a yoga video on YouTube that I’d whole-heartedly recommend, like my favorite yoga DVD.  It’s an hour, but your body will buzz when you’re done.  Good buzz.

Soo, if you are reading this, and you’ve been thinking to kick up your fitness / health / overall game- here’s your “sign”.  Make it happ’n, Cap’n.

Life is short. Feel prettier. Or more handsome. 13% – 17% more, to be exact.

Okay.  Well, there I go.  I procrastinated the amount of time that I took to write this post, BUT, in my defense, it was a perfect “travel exercise” conundrum.  I will now make myself read this when I don’t want to exercise but know I should.

Like now.  And I will.

How do you stay fit when you travel?  Or are you always on vacation?

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