The Oasis in Austin, TX: Go for the view, not the service

It’s the same as it ever was… and that’s ok.  The Oasis still has one of the best restaurant views of an Austin sunset.  It’s over Lake Travis and it’s just gorgeous.  Peaceful, and relaxing and everything that is right in life.  The view, I mean.

I was irritated on Sunday night when Cass and I took the drive out to The Oasis for Sunday Salsa Night.  The video pretty much explains it all.  It was a one-thing-after-another kind of night with the service.  The vibe I get is “We’ve got this amazing view… aaand you don’t have a lot of choices.”  Doh!

Luckily, I had Cassand we got pretty close to solving all of life’s problems while in a tucked away at a small table in the corner next to a John Travolta look-alike named Dan.  And oh, that sunset…


The food and service at this Austin landmark have always been “so-so”, in my mind.  Maybe because they hire seasonally?  In any case… you go for the view.  But it boggles me that more people haven’t capitalized on building a bar and/or restaurant overlooking Lake Travis like this.  Maybe it’s hard to build there but it can’t be impossible.  Chicagowould be ALL OVER making money off this view.  And I’m quite certain it would be profitable if they made their customers feel a little more important.  (Insert future post about how Austin has changed)

Oh well.

Until then, I still recommend checking out The Oasis when living in, working in, or traveling through Austin,TX.  The sunset is spectacular.  Breathe it in.  Take lots of pictures and then go get ice cream afterwards like we did.

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