Michael Jordan’s Steak House: Chicago

Michael Jordan Steak House Chicago

I love steak.  Any chance I get to eat it, I’m in.  Maybe it’s because I’m from Texas. But then again, maybe not, because @FeliciaCago is the same way.  We’re suckers for lobster too.  The point is- we both love and very much appreciate good food.

So last week, as Felicia and I lounged about in our robes during our Intercontinental Chicago staycation, we came up with a few great ideas…

  1. We should get dolled/dressed up.
  2. We should have a girls-only fancy dinner date at MJ Steak House
  3. If a man, or a group of men, in a tuxedo(s) show up… all bets are off.

She should have played the lottery that day.Michael Jordan Steak House Chicago

Before Felicia left me for the penguin suit at the bar (oh yes, she did) we were seated graciously by Ricardo through Michael Jordan’s Steak House‘s gorgeous floating runway.  It made me want to shoot a music video, but I was too hungry, so I didn’t mention it.  Our server, Chris told us about the menu and specials and we ordered.  Very well.
Michael Jordan Steak House Chicago
**Side note: This was a great instance in which “checking in” to Foursquare came in handy.  If you are unfamiliar with the app, you and your friends can “check-in” to venues and the map tool lets you know where your friends are and where they’ve been.  One of the functions of the application allows for users to leave “tips” about the venue.  Big ups to Time Out Chicago for convincing me to try the garlic bread.  It was “amaze-balls”, as they say.  You’ll see.  (see video)

Being a Monday, the dining room was quiet and relaxed as couples and business travelers surrounded us.  It was a nice place to have a quiet date with someone you really like.  We had that.  Until she left me for a man in a tux, at the bar.  I would have done the same thing.

Hey.  A deal’s a deal.

Luckily, I was full, buzzed and tired.  My soft, cloud-like pillow-nook called to me “Come relax and catch up on reruns of The Family Guy.”  And so I did.

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Click for more information on dining at Michael Jordan Steak House in Chicago.

**Considerations were made for this post and video.

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