Life is short. Don’t be a weenie.

Today I saw on Facebook that one of my friends passed away.  She was younger than me and full of life.  The details of her passing don’t really matter because the brevity of life is what I am led to think about here.

It’s so wild, isn’t it?  Death?  It can be the saddest, scariest thing ever, and yet… it’s going to happen to every single one of us.  Brr.

Most of us, young adults, would like to think that we have years and years before we have to grapple with our legacy.  But as Mom would say, “We are not promised tomorrow.”  And the cliche it loses its “punch” some days… it hits me like a ton of bricks tonight.

Wow.  She’s really gone.  Just like that.  And she’s never coming back.

No more work and no more vacations.  No more hotdogs and grill-outs at the lake.  No more flirting with new boyfriends and no more irritation with past ones.  No more birthdays, girls nights, long walks, high heels, live music, fancy cars, iPhones, giggle fits, coffee…  No more nada.

That’s it.  For all intents and purposes- for this shared reality… Without getting into heaven, or metaphysics or reincarnation, or any of that… she’s done.

And so I think of my own mortality…

Whoa. Wait up.  No.

Not me.  I can’t die.  Not yet.  I’m not nearly done.  I just barely figured out who I am.  I haven’t seen Paris or learned another language.  I haven’t been on the Conan show discussing my travels.  I haven’t bought my parents the boat I’ve been promising since I was 5.  I’ve got a LOT of living still to do.  I’m talking- LOTS.

But it’s not up to me- is it?  God is in control.  He says who comes, and who goes, and when, and what country…  It’s humbling to think about perched atop my one-woman empire, with Samson as my only minion.  Kinda scary, actually.

But wait- the GOOD news is that my God is just nuts about me!  Like the grooviest kind of love, ever.  It is my belief that He brought us to this time and place to expand, and learn, and grow and BE FREAKISHLY HAPPY!  To shine and stretch and make some “mistakes” as we find our way through life.  To be free and at peace, encouraged to laugh, play, and “go for it”.  And all the while breathing in the love that’s all around us- if we so choose.

Perspective. Perspective. Perspective.

The news of my late friend was a gifted reminder from God to maintain a proper mindset.

Roger that, Big Guy.

So, I’m going to have courage as I plan my future and I encourage you to do the same.  Life is but a vapor.  And sometimes I (maybe you too?) waste a lot of time being a weenie.

Gor for it.  Go for something.  Go for asking your inner voice what you would “go for” if you knew you couldn’t fail.  Read a book.  Just keep asking and keep showing up.  Try.  Keep trying until you are on fire about something.  And then delight yourself in being your best at it.

I don’t know when my time will come but when it does- I will know that I lived.  Really lived. I’ve made more life-threatening decisions than I can remember and yet- I’m pretty sure I’ll make a few more.  But I’m living and I’m not going to give up.

No, Sir.  And I can’t fail if I never stop trying, sooo… long story short- I’m feeling pretty good about my chances of making the world a better place before I “go”.  Even if He scoops me up tomorrow.

They say that we regret the things we didn’t do more than the ones we did.  I don’t want to regret being a weenie.  Do you?

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